The Problem with Being Good

I don’t normally struggle with writer’s block, but a few weeks ago, my efforts to edit my novel hit a can’t-see-the-end-of-it, can’t-see-the-top-of-it stone wall. Words got harder and harder to find, like a river that shrank to a stream that shrank to a trickle, before drying up completely. At first I wasn’t sure what was […]


The Side Hustle Best Suited to Your Personality

I don’t normally publish guest posts on my blog, but Tamari Lewin recently reached out with the idea to offer a list of businesses that fit different personality types. I thought a lot of people might find it helpful. While I don’t believe tests or types can tell you what type of work is right […]

Healing a World That’s Breaking Open Without Breaking Down

People, norms, and longstanding systems are cracking open and breaking down right now, one after another. Most recently, the brutal murders of multiple black men and women have underscored the fact that racism is alive and well and continuing to cause immeasurable suffering. My heart breaks for all the people of color who fear for […]

What’s Helping Me Most Right Now

You may have noticed I haven’t sent anything out for a while. Or maybe, like me, you got a bit overwhelmed by all the COVID-19 updates, and one less email was a welcome reprieve. Either way, I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and well, and finding some gifts along with the rest. […]

Additional Resources

I know I’m always hungry for help, and I was reminded recently that there are a bunch of resources out there that I’ve made or contributed to that might help people, but they aren’t easy to find. So here’s a list of guest blog posts I’ve written, articles I’ve contributed to, and resources I’ve created, […]

Find Your Calling in the Call of the Wild

I was walking through the winter woods in Colorado last year when I realized that every creature in the forest plays an important role. Plants take up nutrients from sunlight and soil and transform them into flowers, seeds, and leaves that nourish insects and birds. Insects and birds, in turn, feed larger animals who make […]

what we can learn from cicadas about growth

What Cicadas Can Teach Us About Growth

I’m still not totally sure why, but I’ve been struggling recently. Not externally, with how things are going for me right now, which is actually amazingly well given what’s going on in the world.  Rather, I’ve been struggling internally, with strong waves of emotions that at one point got so intense that I wondered if […]

12 Clues You Can Use to Find Your Calling

For most of us, the idea that there’s one career out there that we’re meant to do is a shaky proposition at best. In many ways we’re right to be skeptical. I’ve already addressed some of the biggest myths about finding your calling, but it bears repeating that your calling isn’t necessarily just one thing; […]