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Discover the Joy, Excitement, and Fulfillment of Finding Your Calling and Contributing Your Greatest Gifts to the World

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Individual career coaching is one of the most powerful ways I’ve found to help people create the life they want to live.

There’s something about having the loving support of another person who gets you, sees the best in you, offers an outside perspective, and challenges you at just the right moments.

In my personal experience as well as through years of working with clients, I’ve seen over and over again how individualized support enables people to do things they didn’t know they could.

Here are just a few examples from former clients, in their own words:

“I’ve made forward movement, and further movement feels possible. I no longer feel trapped by money or other constraints.” –C.S.

“I look forward to my days. I’m clearer on my purpose and have tools and a methodology to continue to refine it.” –K.B.

“My new career is starting to take shape. I have a better sense of direction and purpose. I’m more confident in my decisions and now feel like an active participant in my life rather than simply watching things go by.” –Donald D.

“I’m finding more fulfillment in life.” –Kyle B.

“I’m now moving in a forward direction instead of staying stuck in my old job. It now feels possible to live out my dream and fulfill my goals and vision.” –Frank D.

“I have the outline of a plan and the confidence that I can see it through. It finally feels possible that I won’t end up in a ditch because I quit my job at 43!” –Kelli M.

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Why one-on-one  coaching?

What I love about individual coaching is that it’s not just about finding the perfect job.

Yes, I guide my clients through the 5-step process of finding your calling. And yes, they get clearer on what work they want to do in the world and how they’re going to transition into that.

But because the individual format allows us to do such a deep dive, by the time we finish, many of my clients feel that what they learned in the process of finding their calling was actually more important than where they ended up. 

Here are some examples of other things my clients have gained, in their own words:

“I feel more whole. I’m back in touch with my creative side. I’m employing my interests and strengths, nurturing opportunities to do things I want in and outside of work, and really just designing my life more intentionally.” –Bess W.

“I have more acceptance and feel more hope, excitement, and potential.” –Eric K.

“I’m more confident in my strengths and abilities and appreciate them more.” –Teresa A.

“I know what’s most important to me and can communicate that better to others.” –Shivani G.

“I’m less anxious, feel calmer, and experience less stress. I’m more pleasant around my family and able to apply what I learned in the familial context.” –K.B.

“I’m more confident in my decision-making and have less self doubt.” –Leonard F.

Now I have my small video editing business up and running, I have clients, I am loving my work, I am finding time to exercise, make dinner, spend quality time with my family, see friends … and most importantly, I am HAPPY!

—Rachel Benson, Coaching Client

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How does one-on-one career coaching work?

Individual coaching gives you personalized support, structure, and guidance so that you can:

  • Work through a 5-step process to clarify the nature of your calling
  • Identify specific jobs or occupations that can give you what you’re looking for.
  • Create a roadmap for how to transition into fulfilling work.
  • Get help finding creative ways through your unique challenges.
  • Develop tools for working with fearanxiety, and your Inner Critic.
  • Develop new skills that will help you make difficult decisions, step into change, and create a life aligned with who you are now and in the future.

Specifically, my individual programs include:

  • An Enneagram personality assessment and analysis.
  • One-on-one sessions 2-3 times per month (depending on the program).
  • A personalized strategy with custom themes, goals, action steps, and resources to guide you.
  • Follow-up emails with session takeaways and new action steps.
  • Phone and email support in between sessions as needed.
  • Access to Passion Quest: 5 Steps to Find Your Calling in a Fear-Based World, a comprehensive online program.
  • Books, poems, assessments, and other resources to help you along the way.

I offer 3-month and 6-month programs. Click here for pricing.

To find out more, click here to apply for a no-obligation, complimentary Clarity Call.

We’ll talk about your goals and challenges, discuss the details of the programs, and explore the possibility of working together.

Working with Meredith gave me two great gifts: the ability to identify things I want to achieve, and the plan, the tools and the confidence to achieve them. I couldn’t have asked for more!

—Hank Willson, Coaching Client

Without Meredith’s incredible guidance and expertise over the course of our work together, I would be stuck in an emotional rut, and wouldn’t have made some huge life changes that have shaped a new and exciting future for my family. I am extremely grateful for the time we spent working together, and I continue to use the tools I learned from working with her each and every day.

—Lauren K, Coaching Client

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Why does one-on-one coaching work?

When you’re caught in the misery of a draining job, it can be hard to imagine that anything better is possible.  When I was depressed, I certainly never believed that I’d ever be happy again, let alone that the depression itself would be what helped me get there.

Change happens slowly, but it is possible, even for those who feel truly stuck.

In my experience, the key is to get out of your head and find some outside support.

One-on-one career coaching works particularly well because it helps you:

  • Create structure. Most people don’t know where to start with career change. Coaching offers regular check-in times, guided discussion, and clear exercises and action steps to help you find your way.
  • Tap into your full intelligence. We all have all the answers within us, but too often we can’t hear or don’t know how to interpret them. Coaching helps you learn how.
  • See your blind spots.  Frequently our beliefs, fears, and habits cause us to get in our own way. By becoming more aware of these patterns, you can find ways to shift them, thus opening up new possibilities.
  • Find accountability. Having someone else to hold you accountable for taking action towards your goals can be very helpful until you learn how to do it for yourself.
  • Enjoy loving support. Career change is a big deal (not to mention scary), and having someone to encourage you, point out your progress and your amazing talents, and help you see the bigger picture can make it a lot easier.

Thanks to Meredith I have rediscovered my hobbies and interests, developed lifelong goals that I am excited about, and have learned to be present where I see beauty in places I have never noticed before. I highly recommend Meredith. Her energy alone will change your life!

—Dave Coleman, Coaching Client

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Great, but will this work for you?

I’ve learned over the years that my one-on-one career coaching programs aren’t for everyone.

The people who tend to see the best results with me:

  • Dedicate time. You don’t need a lot of time to see good results (5-10 minutes a day plus another hour per week is usually plenty, and we can often take advantage of activities that you’re already doing), but the more you put in, the more you get out.
  • Are willing to be vulnerable. If you want me to believe that you’re always doing great and never have any messy feelings or reactions, (1) I’m likely to suspect that you aren’t really human, and (2) I probably can’t help you very much.
  • Are open to trying new things. Some of the things that have helped my clients the most were the last things that they wanted to try.
  • Value learning and growth. This is about more than just a job; my goal is to help you develop new skills and qualities so you can do things that you couldn’t before. If you aren’t interested in learning more about yourself or developing new capabilities, I’m probably not for you.
  • Want their work to make the world a better place. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to be a martyr or even work for a non-profit, but you want your efforts to contribute to a greater good, whatever that means to you.

I went in knowing that I needed to change, and came away with new level of self awareness and a set of skills to continue the work that we had done together. Working with Meredith is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

—Anne Kitzmiller, Coaching Client

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Shouldn’t everyone be able to figure this out on their own?

Far too many of us think that we should be able to find our calling and create the life of our dreams all by ourselves.

The truth is, while independence is a great quality to have, we all depend on other people for many things.

Just think about how many people were involved in getting the food you ate for breakfast to your table.  Or in designing and creating your car, or your computer, or the movie you last watched.

The fact that we depend so much on each other makes perfect sense, because we’re social animals, and we’re designed to exist in groups.

In addition, career change is an incredibly complex process that involves many things we hold dear–financial security, for one thing, but also our identity, sense of self worth, and relationships to others.

The fact that all of these things are tied to our careers makes navigating the waters of change particularly tricky.

As if that weren’t enough, most of us aren’t taught anything in school about how to know what we want to create in life.

We learn lots about how to fulfill somebody else’s vision for us, but virtually nothing about how to create our own.

So no, you shouldn’t be able to figure this out on your own. Everyone needs help from other people, whether they work with a coach or not.

Now, I have the right job for me in the right environment and I’m no longer stumbling around in the wilderness. So, if you are at a point in your life where you are stumbling around and are not sure what to do, I highly recommend that you hire Meredith to help you find a new path because life is too short for you to be depressed with your job and life.

—Lisa Adams, Coaching Client

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How can you know if I’m the best coach for you?

What a great question to ask! Career coaching is all about fit, and the clients who get the best results are the ones who align most with my approach.

You can read my credentials below, but here are a few other things to consider:

  • I work holistically. That means that though we focus on your career, we’ll also look for ways to make sure you’re showing up in other areas of your life in ways that align with your intentions. And we’ll work with your head, heart, and body, because thinking about things isn’t enough. Since we’re more than brains in a box, if you want to make lasting change, you need to involve your emotions and body as well. When you do, real transformation becomes possible, and what you’re meant to do in life becomes much more apparent.
  • I blend the spiritual and the practical. I’m pragmatic at heart and look for what’s going to create real-world results. At the same time, I believe that what we do is about more than money or even personal fulfillment. We each possess unique gifts and creative capabilities that nobody else does, and it’s our responsibility to share them with the world for the sake of something larger than ourselves, even if we’re not sure exactly what that may be.
  • I use the Enneagram. I love this personality test because it’s dynamic and nuanced, and it explains not just what we do, but why we do it. It won’t tell you what type of job you should look for (no test will), but it can point to your patterns, show you their strengths, and help you to move past their limits.
  • I focus on building your ability to work through challenges on your own.  I won’t tell you what job you should do or even consider; rather, I’ll help you develop the skills you need to create your own list of ideas, know which one to choose, and then work through any obstacles that arise as you turn it into a reality.
  • I dive deep. I don’t just give you assignments and ask you if you did them.  I want you to get more than a great job.  It’s equally if not more important to me that you also learn the truth about who you really are, how amazing that is, and how you can express that more fully.

If that sounds good to you, we’re probably a good fit.

I also understand that this is a big decision, which is why I offer complimentary Clarity Calls to find out for sure if we’re a good fit.

I have struggled for years with trying to get the infamous ‘work-life balance’, gain satisfaction in my career, and overall lead a happy and contented life. I thought this was a lot to ask for and that I might get one out of three. Working with Meredith made me see that these were reasonable and attainable goals and that with the right tools, I could make it happen. And with her help, insight, coaching and counseling, I have.The beauty of Meredith’s coaching and career counseling is that is designed around you and your needs and wants. She is insightful, patient, calming, motivational, and inspirational. She has been a great help to me and I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to get more out of their life and careers.

—Nancy Gonce, Coaching Client

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Meredith Walters is a certified Integral coach with a Masters in Business Administration from USF. In addition to one-on-one coaching, she also offers group coaching, writes, and leads workshops for organizations such as Emory University and the U.S. Peace Corps. Her first book is now available, and she’s contributed shorter pieces to Tiny Buddha, elephant journal, and more.  She’s a former board member of the Georgia chapter of ICF and has served as an adjunct faculty member at New Ventures West coaching school in San Francisco.