Nature Connection

Why Nature Connection?

Science is now confirming what many people have long known—that nature is not only good for us, but essential to our health, happiness, and well-being. It’s helped me and my clients in deep and powerful ways.

Studies have shown that nature does all of the following:

All of which makes finding your calling and uncovering your truth a whole lot easier.

But the most transformative gifts don’t come from just being in nature—they come from connecting to it.

When we give nature our full attention, we get to know it. When we get to know it, we care about it. When we care about it, we realize that it’s a part of us and we’re a part of it—that we’ve never been and never could be separate from it.

In an age of separation and disconnection, it’s no small thing that nature is always giving us a way to reconnect and return home.

Nature helps us come home to our bodies.

We have more resources than we realize.

When we connect to nature, we use all five senses to experience the fullness of the present moment. This takes us out of our heads—where we’re trained to solve every problem with analysis, logic, and neverending thinking—and into our bodies—where another, more profound type of intelligence lies.

In our bodies, we feel our power, instincts, and inherent wisdom, and we have access to a natural compass that transcends logic to show us the way, no matter how difficult the challenges we face or how lost we feel we’ve become.

Nature helps us come home to our true selves.

We are greater than we think.

Beneath our thoughts, fears, and habitual patterns lie infinite amounts of strength, love, wisdom, and creativity. It’s who we are when we come into the world, before our wounds get in the way and we learn to repress it.

At our core, we are as vast and free and creative as nature. The unique spark that animates the serenading songbird, the industrious ant, or the overflowing raincloud enlivens our own spirits and gifts as well.

Nature is our true nature. The beings of the natural world remind us who we really are, and how amazing that is, over and over again.

Nature helps us come home to our place in the world.

We are not alone.

We are part of an inconceivably large family of living beings—from plants and animals to earth, water, and sky.

When we reclaim this belonging, we realize that we are not, in the words of poet David Whyte, “an accident amidst other accidents.” We understand that we have a unique role and purpose, just like every other living being on the planet, and with the help of our widely extended family, we begin to remember what that is.

Like a bee whose search for flowers ensures their continued existence, we rediscover the unique gifts that are ours to give, just by being who we are.

Nature Connection Offerings


I’m always looking for ways to bring nature into the coaching process, since it can have such a powerful and positive impact.

This means everything from offering nature-connected activities that further my client’s goals to conducting sessions outside.

Nature connection is always offered freely. Alternatives are available, and clients can choose what and how much they want to do (or not do) based on their own needs, preferences, and comfort level.

Walks & Workshops

As inspired, I offer outdoor walks and workshops that include games, discussions, and other activities that help participants connect with nature, remember who they are, and find their path.

Past examples include the Pathfinders Hike, Find Your Inner Wisdom in the Woods Workshop, and True Nature Walks that help people rediscover nature’s gifts as well as their own.

To be first to hear about future nature walks and workshops in the Atlanta area, click below.

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