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50 Ways to Find Your Calling Without Losing Your Mind (Or Your Shirt)

This 31-page guide shares the most powerful exercises, resources, and ideas that my clients have used to change careers and find work they love.

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New Book!

The Adventures of Little One: Eye-Opening Tales of the First Hero’s Journey

A fun and entertaining way to learn how to overcome some of the most common obstacles to discovering what you’re meant to do in the world, this book follows the exploits of the original hero to go on a quest to find his calling.

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Passion Quest: 5 Steps to Find Your Calling in a Fear-Based World

This 7-week online program helps you uncover your passion, remember your purpose, and discover your superpowers as you clarify what type of work will be most fulfilling for you and learn how you can best contribute your talents to the world.

*Enrollment for Passion Quest is currently closed. To be notified when it opens next, click here.*

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Group Coaching

Pathfinders Group Coaching

These ongoing online groups are one of the most powerful and cost effective programs I offer and will help you identify what you want to do in the world and begin actually doing it. Combining the benefits of coaching with the power of community, they help you step into action so that you can find meaningful work you love more easily and effectively.

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Individual Coaching

One-on-One Coaching Programs

One-on-one coaching offers the highest level of individual support for your unique goals and needs. I offer 6- and 12-month programs.

The ability to personalize the program means that in addition to guiding you through the 5 steps to find your calling, we can also take a deep dive into your habits and patterns, seeing where they offer gifts to be shared with others and where they might be holding you back. We work to help you develop new insights, skills, and tools that make new outcomes possible and that you can apply to find greater joy, purpose, and fulfillment in all areas of your life, now and in the future.

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***I do not write resumes. If you’re looking for a better resume or want help with your job search, I highly recommend Lynda Spiegel of Rising Star Resumes.***