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Following are some of my previous clients’ answers to the question: What’s different for you now that you attribute to coaching?

“I feel more whole. I’m back in touch with my creative side. I’m employing my interests and strengths, nurturing opportunities to do things I want in and outside of work, and really just designing my life more intentionally.”

~ Bess W.

“I now have a better sense of direction and purpose. I’m more confident in my decisions and now feel like an active participant in my life rather than simply watching things go by.”

~ Donald D.

“I’m finding more fulfillment in life. I’m more confident in charting my own path in hope as opposed to fear of not measuring up. I’ve developed a faith in my intuition, and that when I follow my intuition, I can expect the best to happen for me, even if it’s difficult. I have more confidence.”

~ Kyle B.

“I’ve discovered an internal fire that fuels action towards what fulfills me. I have a clearer identity, sense of self, and confidence in what I want. I have more clarity about what’s most important to me. I’m clearer on my purpose and have tools and a methodology to continue to refine it. I’m able to integrate guidance from my feelings and body in my decisions and align my choices with my core intentions. I’m less anxious, feel calmer, and experience less stress. I experience more faith in letting go and am able to trust that the universe will take care of me. I’m more pleasant around my family and able to apply what I learned in the familial context. I’m more empowered and look forward to my days.”

~ K. B.

“I’m more confident in my strengths and abilities and appreciate them more. I’m no longer just doing what others want or what I think I should; I’m choosing what I want to do myself. And I’m less anxious. I can let things go and roll with them”

~ Teresa A.

“I feel more empowered and am thinking differently. I have a new outlook and don’t constantly see things so negatively. I’m now moving in a forward direction instead of staying stuck in my old job. It now feels possible to live out my dream and fulfill my goals and vision.”

~ Frank D.

“I’m more confident in my decision-making and have less self doubt. I’m more able to clear the noise out of my head when I need to. I better understand what I want and what makes me come alive. I believe in myself more.”

~ Leonard F.

“I have more acceptance and feel more hope, excitement, and potential. I can stay centered and present in stressful situations. I know I don’t need to escape. I know how to say no to what’s not right for me. I don’t feel stuck in my previous profession, and my identity is no longer tied to it.”

~ Eric K.

“I have the outline of a plan and the confidence that I can see it through. It finally feels possible that I won’t end up in a ditch because I quit my job at 43!”

~ Kelli M.

“I’ve made forward movement, and further movement feels possible. I no longer feel trapped by money or other constraints.”

~ C.S.

“I have more clarity. I know what’s most important to me and can communicate that better to others.”

~ Shivani G.

“I see that I can trust my intuition and myself in general. I’m less willing to go along with others instead of listening to myself.”

~ Jen C.

“I know anxiety will pass, and I have tools for dealing with it. I can now remember that I have lots of gifts to offer.”

~ Jen S.

“It’s now possible to know what I want and trust myself. I have better language, structure, processes, and frameworks for checking in with my Inner Wisdom. I’m so much less likely to be paralyzed by doubt, and I no longer talk myself into things that I know, deep down, I don’t want to do. I have tools to proceed without going down the wrong path.”

~Kristen B.

“I feel happier. I have more confidence in my abilities and strengths. I’m setting boundaries at work to protect my personal life. I’m having more fun and making it an important part of every day.”

~Nancy G.


Following are excerpts from some of my online reviews. You can read more on my Yelp or Google business pages.

“I signed up to spend six months with Meredith. I went in hoping to find an answer for what I wanted to do career wise. What I came away with was WHY I was not able to ever make a decision about my career, and honestly, what was holding me back in other areas of my life. I realized I had some thinking that was holding me back, but never felt I had the tools to really change it. Meredith is so intuitive and skilled at what she does. I came away with things that have continued to “stick” for me, and I feel like I am looking at life very differently now. I went in looking for answers, and Meredith showed me that I already had them, I just had to find the courage to listen and pursue them without trying to control everything. She is extremely generous and kind, and I am very thankful that I was able to spend time with Meredith. I highly recommend her.”

~ Kyle B.

“Meredith came into my life at a time when I felt completely defeated by my professional experiences. I worked with her for 6-months and I can sincerely say that it was a life-changing experience. She is an incredibly compassionate and wise woman who helped me unearth the stories I’ve conjured up over the years both professionally and personally. She was great at integrating all parts of my life into the work we did together while opening my eyes to the parts of myself that I thought I left in the dust many years ago. During such an unpredictable time in our lives our sessions were certainly filled with an ocean of emotions: fear, sadness, anger AND laughter. You name it Meredith saw it, however she listened and always brought me back to myself. Adding tools to my tool box with each session. Having worked with Meredith, I now feel that I have a skills and the confidence to navigate professional and personal life-transitions. I cannot recommend working with her enough as I think everyone should have a Meredith Walters in their life!”

~ Polly M.

“Meredith is a woman who has truly found her calling, and I am so happy I had the chance to work with her. While I first sought out her support for one particular work issue, Meredith’s approach to coaching really helped me uncover the underlying questions that were necessary to explore and unpack to make true progress. After six months of coaching support from Meredith I was much better equipped to navigate running my own business and multiple, complex life transitions with confidence and trust in myself. I credit Meredith’s really integrated, thoughtful approach for that progress. Highly recommend working with her!”

~ Rebecca P.

“Meredith is one of those rare people that is truly wise beyond her years. Matched with a level of patience and insight, her true calling really is to be a coach. I am not exaggerating when I say that working with her has changed the trajectory of my life. I went in knowing that I needed to change, and came away with new level of self awareness and a set of skills to continue the work that we had done together. Working with Meredith is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

~ Anne K.

“Meredith is a warm and genuine career and life coach who helped me reconnect with my core strengths and passions after leaving a large corporation I had worked at for many years. She has been a shining light for me in a time of great anxiety and soul searching, and helped me find my path toward personal happiness and a new “encore” career.”

~ Donald Dishinger

“Meredith has the uncanny ability to calm your nerves, meet you where you are, clear out your negative self-talk, and put you squarely onto the road of progress, possibility, and creativity. I originally reached out to Meredith when I felt it was time to make a long-awaited career change. Having known Meredith for some time as a fellow martial artist, I felt confident she would be the right person to talk to about my transition due to the warmth and understanding I always felt from her. Meredith excelled at keeping my nerves in check, helping me to remain patient, turning my anxieties into deeper awareness, and championing my path through alternative perspectives. The result is that I am well on my way to starting an entirely new career in a field that, for once, I am very excited to begin! If you are not satisfied with your current career and/or are thinking of a transition but not sure where to start – now you know!”

~ Eric Rabichow

“Meredith gave me language and tools for identifying my desires, doubts, fears, and wisdom so I could shift out of my pattern of talking myself into and out of potential new jobs and careers. Before working with Meredith, I had no idea how to get out of my own way. I raced forward reactively, without any confidence that I really wanted to go wherever I was headed. Then, inevitably, I froze when my doubt — or wisdom — caught up with me.

Meredith’s incredible communication skills, self awareness, sensitivity, and access to her own inner wisdom enabled her to meet me where I was. Over the course of six months, she patiently taught me how to check in with my inner wisdom, distinguish it from fear, and attend to my feelings BEFORE they could paralyze me. Most important, Meredith was able to help me TRUST my inner wisdom. I’m so grateful to have connected with her.”

~ Kristen B.

“I have struggled for years with trying to get the infamous ‘work-life balance’, gain satisfaction in my career, and overall lead a happy and contented life. I thought this was a lot to ask for and that I might get one out of three. Working with Meredith made me see that these were reasonable and attainable goals and that with the right tools, I could make it happen. And with her help, insight, coaching and counseling, I have.

When I went to Meredith, I was overwhelmed with my current job, was trying to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, and was frustrated with my inability to figure it all out. A challenging task when you’re over 50 years old. Meredith took it all in stride and helped develop a program with specific goals and outcomes. She takes a holistic approach combining both career and quality of life issues. She helped me gain confidence, rediscover those aspects of my career that I truly enjoyed, pinpoint my strengths, and work towards what I wanted in life and career.

The beauty of Meredith’s coaching and career counseling is that is designed around you and your needs and wants. She is insightful, patient, calming, motivational, and inspirational. She has been a great help to me and I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to get more out of their life and careers.”

~ Nancy G.

“Working with Meredith has, without a doubt, changed my life. When I first contacted her I was stuck. While I could execute efficiently and effectively at work, I was stuck on hold in my personal life. I could not make any decisions and had forgotten what it was like to be happy. In short, Meredith helped me find joy again and I have made a series of great changes to in both my work and personal life. Meredith is incredibly insightful and helpful.”

~ M. F.

“Working with Meredith I was able to make a very difficult transition into work that was more in-line with all of my values. Her support and gentle guidance was invaluable. She is warm, personable and very knowledgeable. She shares many tools for centering, interpreting internal talk and body signals, and uncovering true desires that are important for career changes as well as life in general. I strongly recommend Meredith for anyone that feels stuck in what they are doing but unsure how to get unstuck.”

~ Jen Canon

“I’ve needed a career change for a while but was utterly lost on how to identify a career path that would not only make me happy but also be fulfilling. I spent a couple of months looking for a career coach and ultimately choose Meredith after speaking with her regarding her program. Her program does not focus on personality and skills test but instead delves deep into you to identify your strengths, powers, and passions to help lead you to a more meaningful career. She also helps you identify things you struggle with, like stress or speaking up, and develops methods for you to better cope and improve them. She has a well-rounded program that she builds for each individual person and focuses on you as a whole person, so you can find balance in all aspects of your life, not just work. If you are looking for a career coach who goes beyond standard personality tests and will truly help you discover your passion, I would recommend that you reach out to Meredith.”

~ Jessica L.

“It is really impossible for me to quantify the enormous difference Meredith has made in my life. Her consistent and insightful guidance was my life raft during the tumultuous first year of my new business. One of the most revelatory take-aways that I learned from Meredith’s program was how to identify the voice of my “inner critic.” For me, my inner critic was a steady monologue of discouraging and judgmental thoughts that I mistook as my own voice. It would ooze into my conscious mind anytime I was attempting something challenging, risky, or scary. For me, this voice would arrive to counteract every hopeful, motivated, and inspired thought or idea that I had. I had always thought that this voice helped keep me “down to earth” or realistic about my ambitions and desires, but as it turns out, this voice had really only kept me small.

I’m not afraid of being vulnerable anymore, because I know that being vulnerable opens up possibilities for growth and success beyond anything I have ever experienced until now. It’s daunting to dream big and to take a risk on myself, but the more integrated and confident I become, the more exhilarating it is to do precisely that! And the best part is that this is only the beginning!

Meredith is so clearly living and working in her natural strengths and talents. She has such a knack for locating the “broken thinking” and emotional hang ups that get in the way of finding fulfillment. I felt seen and understood in precisely the ways I needed to, and my business has flourished right alongside my personal life, due to her program.”

~ K. K.

“I’ll start first by telling you where I am today because of my work with Meredith:
I now have my small video editing business up and running, I have clients, I am loving my work, I am finding time to exercise, make dinner, spend quality time with my family, see friends … and most importantly, I am HAPPY! Now don’t get me wrong, it takes work to keep this balance. But before I started working with Meredith, I felt like I was completely lacking in the tools to help me find this kind of balance and peace, to be able to set goals and accomplish the things I wanted for myself.

So where was I before Meredith?

Well … I was at home taking care of my wonderful children who I adore but I was in agony over what felt like a complete loss of identity. The transition to motherhood was harder than I had expected it to be. I felt like I was failing at everything, had no career to return to and was overwhelmed by negative feelings about myself that continued to push me down every time I tried to move forward.

At that point I knew I needed help. Therapy wasn’t doing it for me. I needed someone to help guide me. I found out about Meredith through a dear friend whose life I saw completely changed for the better after the work they did together.

So I signed up!

Within a few sessions I could already feel change happening. I discovered and uncovered feelings and patterns of thinking that were old, un-useful and frankly just negative. I found some tools for handling those feelings and letting them go. I learned to create some new ways of thinking, created some tools to help silence the perfectionist within me who was keeping me from even taking the first steps and found the strength within me to give myself permission to move ahead … imperfectly … knowing that I would HAVE to make mistakes along the way in order to grow as a person and in my career.

And becoming OK with making mistakes has become an essentially important part of my life, my career and my parenting. If I couldn’t show my daughter that it’s ok to make mistakes, how in the world would she ever learn to move forward bravely through life?!

Thank you, Meredith for all that you’ve done and all that you do. My work with you has been life changing.”

~ Rachel B.

“Working with Meredith was a pleasant and eye opening experience. Meredith was sensitive enough to pick up behaviors that have been holding me back most of my life. She directed me throughout the work with grace and wisdom… After working with Meredith, I have more compassion and love for myself. My relationships with others have also improved. I am still the same person but my perspective has changed. I feel like my spirit is lighter.”

~ Rosana S.

“I came to Meredith Walters for career advice. I was feeling stuck. I was floundering for a long time. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to continue on my path or start a new one or if I was even capable of starting over.

My only regret was hesitating so long before getting help. I felt I was too old to make a major life change. I rationalized that nobody could help me at this point. That it would be a waste of money and time to work with someone. Thankfully, I was completely wrong.

That is what makes Meredith so special as a coach. She spent six months slowly and methodically guiding me to clarity. This intensive process takes time and focus but it is deeply rewarding. Her expert guidance helped me rediscover all the things essential to me.

Life coaching isn’t about finding the answers. It is about finding yourself so that you can ask the right questions to continue on your journey to find your calling in this world.

Now that I have a much clearer sense of identity, I feel so much more empowered to take action towards the career and life that I want.”

~ E. K.

“I found Meredith when I couldn’t feel more lost. I was very unhappy in my job, but had no idea how to find out what path was right for me. She taught me how to listen within. That has always seemed very abstract and confusing to me, but honestly, without that piece, I wouldn’t be able to find what I needed. She also helped me realize I have a tendency to not give myself credit or acknowledge my accomplishments, no matter how large or small. Her guidance was always meaningful. If you are looking to change your path, Meredith can help. I am incredibly grateful for the work we did.”

~ Jane S.

“During the recession, my job went away and I felt that I needed to take a job that I really didn’t like and was not a good fit. I put up with it for 2 years because I felt lost and was stumbling around in the wilderness. When depression started to creep in, I hired Meredith to help me figure out my next career move. We didn’t just deal with career issues; we also dealt with quality of life issues. Meredith stuck with me for a whole year and she stressed that what I was going through was temporary and that there is the right job for me out there.

Now, I do have the right job for me in the right environment and I’m no longer stumbling around in the wilderness. So, if you are at a point in your life where you are stumbling around and are not sure what to do, I highly recommend that you hire Meredith to help you find a new path because life is too short for you to be depressed with your job and life.”

~ Lisa A.

“I spent an extremely productive eight months working with Meredith. She didn’t tell me what or how to think: she forced me to be honest with myself about what I really wanted instead of what I thought I should want. Her focus on pinpointing my priorities and goals-what I wanted-was immensely valuable in figuring how to make myself a better, happier person, and it’s a foundational step that many self-improvement plans either ignore or painfully misunderstand. Working with Meredith gave me two great gifts: the ability to identify things I want to achieve, and the plan, the tools and the confidence to achieve them. I couldn’t have asked for more!”

~ Hank W.

“I consulted Meredith to help make a shift in my photography business and it was a great idea to work with her.

She helped me realize that not all decisions are made with our brain. We have to figure out ways to listen to our bodies as well. That was a difficult step for me, but it was an important one to help me determine a new direction.

If you are looking to make a big career change or a small pivot, I recommend career coaching with Meredith Walters. She has helped me take my business to a new level.”

~ Bonnie H.

“I always wanted to follow my dreams but it’s easier said than done. I’ve had a number of hobbies but never understood which one(s) would be worth pursuing as a possible next career step. Would it possible to change my 20-year career to something radically different but yet something I’d love doing?
Here is how Meredith achieved what I’d always thought was unreachable:

Through meditation techniques I was able to reduce noise and self doubt in my mind and focus on what’s really important to me.

Through data gathering and experiments I was able to give myself permission to execute on ideas and pivot based on results.

Through a short plan identified on how to iterate and continue to stay on course.

I now have a hobby that I turned into small venture which I plan to expand. I love it and feel even better on where I’m going next. Thanks Meredith for all your help!”

~ Leo F.

“While I am self-employed and was in the process of transitioning from a single-person business to a partnership when I began working with Meredith to learn how to be better about self-care and boundary-setting in my personal life.

If this sounds strange to you, you have never balanced a busy professional practice with the responsibilities of being a family caregiver, in my case, for both of my parents. Being pulled in many different directions made me stop and want to reassess how I dealt with competing demands: in particular, how I could take care of others who were very important to me (and who have constant and often overwhelming needs) but not do so at the expense of caring for myself.

I still have ample room for improvement in achieving balance and self-care. (I suspect nearly all of us do). Meredith has been instrumental in making me more mindful of the choices that I make each day and how those choices impact my energy level, health, and relationships.

I am incredibly grateful for her patience, insight, and equanimity in working with me, and I would highly recommend her to anyone else who is willing to invest time and money over many months to better meet such challenges in their own lives.”

~ Paul B.

“Working with Meredith was immensely helpful. She helped me quiet my inner critic, hear my inner wisdom more often, and start taking concrete steps of progress in my work life and my life in general. After having been anxious for years about when and how I’d find my way into more meaningful work that would feel like my life’s work, I participated in two of Meredith’s 6-month group coaching programs. I felt very supported, and the exercises and resources she has built are wonderful and insightful. I also liked that the meetings were held by video conference. I feel more optimistic, prepared and confident, and am so glad to have worked with Meredith.”

~ Misty H.

“For yourself and the world around you, you have something you’re good for, truly good for. You’re good for it because you love it and it brings you to life. You need to find it, if only for yourself, but that alone is a very important reason. You might not know what it is yet and if so, you wouldn’t be the only one.

Happiness awaits, but if it eludes you, you must change for it, and you must want to change for it.

Asking for help with this change was uncomfortable and notably unusual for me, but I needed it more than I could have known. I chose to work with Meredith simply because in her picture I recognized the joy and personal authenticity that I wanted for myself. Yep. I initially only intended to stick around three months but six months naturally passed and I regret not one moment of it.

Every session taught me something powerful and useful because Meredith’s Joy is helping other people find their Joy. And she’s naturally good at it. With her guidance I have finally realized mine. It goes deep; I have reversed the thoughts and habits that used to hold me back in my life, and I watched myself do it, so I have the tools and wisdom to keep going further into the love. My insecurities dwindle because, with her insight and support, I have ventured into the uncertain world beyond them to see what I’m actually capable of, and not just of what I told myself. I’m so much more confident. I stopped needing to rationalize everything before taking action, and trust myself to simply be as I am, and in doing so the beauty in my life has multiplied. That’s astounding to this Brian. There’s so much more that I’ve got in a list I made for myself to remind me of the strongest perception changes I made along the way, and they still work daily.

But most incredibly to me: I actually believe my Joy is effective and possible. I write songs. I have watched them grow and mature and now they satisfy and impress me (and others) more than I’d ever thought possible and it feels right. I have the tools and willpower to pursue this to financial success, and I know that I deserve it and that I will make it happen. It is only a matter of time; There isn’t a question about it. I look forward to the challenge. That is real, and priceless. I feel worth being who I naturally am. I am deeply engaged with my own happiness moment-to-moment and it makes the people around me so much happier too!

I cannot recommend her highly enough. Why not give finding sustainable joy a hearty shot? It is never what we fear it to be, and although it is necessarily not easy, along that road, above all others, is life. There is a way. Meredith will not give it to you because that’s your job.

But if you are open to her help, she will help you write it.”

~ Brian W.

“Working with Meredith was a great experience. I found her to be kind, compassionate, and honest. She does not let you wiggle out of questions, which is something I excel at doing. Meredith provides a safe but challenging space. She also values imperfection and taught me to do the same. Probably the best skill I gained from our work together was the ability to recognize when I’m getting in my own way, and I believe that’s a skill I can take with me into any situation. I’m very thankful for the time I spent with Meredith and will not hesitate to work with her again, should the need arise. Highly recommended.”

~ Amy P.

“After being in my career for twenty years, giving it my focus while providing for my family, and playing the “pleasing” game with the career and my personal life and having no boundaries for work – I lost myself; big time!!

Meredith took me through a wonderful and intelligent journey — at my own pace, using tools specific to my situation — that taught me I have the answers inside of me, that I can be confident in my internal compass, that I had a lot of feelings that I had buried that make life a lot more meaningful if brought to the present, and that I have the ability now to help myself. Thanks to Meredith I have rediscovered my hobbies and interests, developed lifelong goals that I am excited about, and have learned to be present where I see beauty in places I have never noticed before. I highly recommend Meredith. Her energy alone will change your life!”

~ Dave C.

“Life sometimes seems impossible, but it is comforting when you have someone to guide you. Meredith has become that guide for me.

Through the trials and tribulations that life can bring, Meredith has become a sounding board and guide along this journey to really discovering my true passion. During the last several years I have been walking without a map and she gave tools to find a new path.

Meredith’s insight, thoughtfulness, energy, and overall ‘vibe’ is refreshing. I would suggest her as a coach for anyone who is looking to make a change or just trying to make it through day-to-day routines in a different way.”

~ Mary P.

“After 10+ years with the same company, and 5 months in the pandemic, I found myself in a bit of a mid-life career crisis. Like a lot of people during that time, I really needed a change, but I wasn’t even sure how to define what that meant for me. Some days I felt like I wanted to completely abandon the path that I’d been on for most of my career, but I felt paralyzed by inertia and fear of the unknown.

I worked with Meredith for about 7 months. Her patience, and her methodology, really helped me to re-focus on the things that I am passionate about. Most importantly, she helped me to recognize and define the self-doubt that I was allowing to hold me back. Working with Meredith touched every aspect of my life, not just my career.

A good coach doesn’t just give you the answers. Meredith gave me the tools to find my own answers to what is right for me at this point in my life.”

~ Beth T.

“Meredith was wonderful in helping me find my calling and next steps to pursue in my career. She guided me through many exercises (in and out of session), which helped me find myself and calling. She’s kind, patient, and very grounded. I highly recommend Meredith to anyone who is soul searching for their next steps in their career and life as well.”

~ Paul R.

“Meredith was amazing in helping me along my journey. Not only was she pleasant to work with, but helped me rediscover myself. Couldn’t be more tankful for our work together.”

~ Andrew Kirk

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