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Is Finding Your Calling a Real Thing or an Impossible Dream?

A lot of people claim they can’t follow their dreams. They have a mortgage, kids, a work history they say prevents them from pursuing jobs they might actually like. Others swear that if you let your passion lead, success will follow. That where there’s a will, there’s...

The Problem with Being Good

I don’t normally struggle with writer’s block, but a few weeks ago, my efforts to edit my novel hit a can’t-see-the-end-of-it, can’t-see-the-top-of-it stone wall. Words got harder and harder to find, like a river that shrank to a stream that shrank to a trickle,...

The Side Hustle Best Suited to Your Personality

I don’t normally publish guest posts on my blog, but Tamari Lewin recently reached out with the idea to offer a list of businesses that fit different personality types. I thought a lot of people might find it helpful. While I don’t believe tests or types can tell you...

The Dark Light of Depression

Depression is on the rise. Rates were increasing in the US long before the pandemic, and after COVID hit, they tripled, with one study reporting that 27.8% of adults experienced symptoms in 2020. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for almost 30 years, and the...

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