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“I feel more whole. I’m back in touch with my creative side. I’m employing my interests and strengths, nurturing opportunities to do things I want in and outside of work, and really just designing my life more intentionally.”


– Bess W.

About Me

As a coach, writer, and founder of Find Your Own Path LLC, I love helping people remember who they are and what they have to give the world. In coaching, this often means helping people who are unhappy at work discover greater joy and satisfaction by finding their calling and fulfilling their purpose—in practical ways that acknowledge their desires and their need for an income.

My approach is based on the belief that everyone comes into this world with unique and needed gifts, but we learn to doubt our abilities and repress our true nature, until eventually we forget what’s ours to give. I should know—I forgot myself for nearly 20 years.

Using my 12 years of experience as a certified Integral Coach, I help clients reconnect with their true nature and find their path by learning how to tap into the intelligence of their bodies and rediscovering their power, passion, and purpose. I offer a free guide; books, articles, and blog posts; coaching; and nature connection activities to help you on your path.

Recent Posts

12 Clues You Can Use to Find Your Calling

12 Clues You Can Use to Find Your Calling

For most of us, the idea that there’s one career out there that we’re meant to do is a shaky proposition at best. In many ways we’re right to be skeptical. I’ve already addressed some of the biggest myths about finding your calling, but it bears repeating that your...

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5 Fun and Free Ways to Identify Your Superpowers

5 Fun and Free Ways to Identify Your Superpowers

We all have them: powerful capabilities bestowed by some freak accident that give us the power to vanquish evil and save the world. Okay, or—perhaps more likely for most of us—they’re incredible talents that we were born with under more normal circumstances, and that...

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Is Finding Your Calling a Real Thing or an Impossible Dream?

A lot of people claim they can’t follow their dreams. They have a mortgage, kids, a work history they say prevents them from pursuing jobs they might actually like. Others swear that if you let your passion lead, success will follow. That where there’s a will, there’s...

The Problem with Being Good

I don’t normally struggle with writer’s block, but a few weeks ago, my efforts to edit my novel hit a can’t-see-the-end-of-it, can’t-see-the-top-of-it stone wall. Words got harder and harder to find, like a river that shrank to a stream that shrank to a trickle,...

The Side Hustle Best Suited to Your Personality

I don’t normally publish guest posts on my blog, but Tamari Lewin recently reached out with the idea to offer a list of businesses that fit different personality types. I thought a lot of people might find it helpful. While I don’t believe tests or types can tell you...

The Dark Light of Depression

Depression is on the rise. Rates were increasing in the US long before the pandemic, and after COVID hit, they tripled, with one study reporting that 27.8% of adults experienced symptoms in 2020. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for almost 30 years, and the...

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