I don’t normally publish guest posts on my blog, but Tamari Lewin recently reached out with the idea to offer a list of businesses that fit different personality types. I thought a lot of people might find it helpful. While I don’t believe tests or types can tell you what type of work is right for you (only you know that), hopefully this list will get your creative juices flowing, give you some good ideas to consider, and inspire further brainstorming.

Written by Tamari Lewin

Are you looking to earn extra money? Do you want a source of income that plays to your strengths? How about earning profit off something you enjoy?

Well, you’ve come to the perfect place. Below, I compiled a list of three ideas for extra income that fit your Enneagram type, as well as an example of someone who took this side gig and made it into their career.

Check out the suggestions below and see if any of them could work for you!

Type 1, The Reformer

Side job #1: Freelance Book Editor

Why this could work for you:

You expect perfection both from yourself and from those around you. There’s always more to improve, in your mind, and you’re happy to show others where they’re still lacking. You have a strong inner critic, an eye for detail, and set high standards for yourself. How about directing those strengths towards book editing and have customers pay you to find their mistakes?

Take inspiration from: Rebecca Millar

Side job #2: Professional Organizer

Why this could work for you:

You’re organized, great at time management, and constantly looking to improve. You’re methodical and responsible and often build systems that create order in life. You’d be great at helping people organize their lives, workspaces, and homes as a professional organizer!

Take inspiration from: Kymberli Calloway

Side job #3: Resume Writer

Why this could work for you:

You notice the often-overlooked details. You strive for excellence. You value precision. You’re analytical, structured and have strong proofreading and editing skills (see above). Create the perfect resume for your customers and help them earn the income they deserve!

Take inspiration from: Greg Faherty

Type 2, The Helper

Side job #1: Wedding Photographer

Why this could work for you:

You’re good at working with people. You care about people’s needs and are eager to help them. You’re creative, dedicated, and warm. You like feeling helpful and needed and are a team player. Try working as a wedding photographer!

Take inspiration from: Derrel Ho-Shing

Side job #2: Part Time Kindergarten Teacher Assistant

Why this could work for you:

You’re warm, giving, supportive, loving, and friendly. You’re attentive to the needs of those around you. You appreciate building relationships and getting to better understand the people around you. What do you think of connecting with children and helping to shape their future as a teacher assistant?

Take inspiration from: Ryan Shaffer

Side job #3: Makeup Artist

Why this could work for you:

You’re artistic, have excellent communication skills and are attuned to the needs of those around you. You’re friendly, caring and a good listener. Become a makeup artist and spend time connecting with your customers and helping them feel beautiful!

Take inspiration from: Camara Aunique

Type 3, The Achiever

Side job #1: Social Media Manager for Small Businesses

Why this could work for you:

You’re motivated, efficient, and capable. You’re determined to succeed in your goals and are constantly working towards them. You’d be great at planning, managing and following through with a company’s social media plan!

Take inspiration from: Jonathan Miller

Side job #2: Interior Designer

Why this could work for you:

You’re in tune with the expectations of people around you. You’re good at planning, setting goals and following through with them. You’re competitive, have a strong sense of business and work well with others. How about working in interior design?

Take inspiration from: Sheila Bridges

Side job #3: Podcast Host

Why this could work for you:

You’re a natural performer, great at engaging others in conversation, and work well under pressure. Give yourself a chance to stand in the spotlight on your own podcast – challenge yourself to reach your audience and motivate them with your passion!

Take inspiration from: Ash Exantus

Type 4, The Individualist

Side job #1: Custom Jewelry Designer

Why this could work for you:

You’re creative, artistic, and unique. You’re able to visualize designs, enjoy creating them and want to stand out and be known for who you are. Display your creativity, depth and individuality in custom jewelry designs!

Take inspiration from: Katherine Kim

Side job #2: Songwriter

Why this could work for you:

You’re deep and sentimental, searching for the hidden significance in life and your interactions with others. Song ideas lie in the most unlikely places and there’s no one better than you to find them. Express yourself through your music. Show others who you really are. Start songwriting!

Take inspiration from: Ester Dean

Side job #3: Graphic Designer

Why this could work for you:

You’re creative. You want the freedom to express yourself whenever and however you choose. You surround yourself with beautiful designs. You understand people and what they’re truly looking for. How about graphic design as a side hustle?

Take inspiration from: Anthony Burrill

Type 5, The Investigator

Side job #1: Game Programmer

Why this could work for you:

You’re creative, persistent and enjoy learning. You’re good at mastering skills, prefer working by yourself and have the patience to sit on problems for hours until they’re solved. Why not program a game and sell it for profit?

Take inspiration from: Alex Balfanz

Side job #2: Freelance Writer

Why this could work for you:

You’re intellectual, curious, and insightful. You often have a strong vocabulary and good grasp of grammar. You value privacy and independence and often prefer working on your own schedule with minimal interactions with customers. These traits would make you a great freelance writer!

Take inspiration from: Ishena Robinson

Side job #3: Computer Repair Technician

Why this could work for you:

You enjoy researching subjects and are great at applying your knowledge to problems at hand. You’re independent and logical, with good troubleshooting skills. How about improving your competency and repairing computers?

Take inspiration from: David Kent

Type 6, The Loyalist

Side job #1: Virtual Personal Assistant

Why this could work for you:

You’re organized, attuned to details, and good at following instructions. You’re loyal, hardworking, and responsible and appreciate guidance from others. What do you think of working as someone’s personal assistant?

Take inspiration from: Suzie Evans Leitch

Side job #2: Private Investigator

Why this could work for you:

You’re dedicated, responsible, attentive, and perceptive. You’re a strategic thinker, able to think through the outcomes for most situations and be prepared for every scenario. Put your skills to use and become a private investigator!

Take inspiration from: Jay Rosenzweig

Side job #3: Creator of Online Courses

Why this could work for you:

You’re good at planning and researching, able to break directions into clear steps and methodical in giving them over. You’re gifted at thinking through problems and can anticipate questions and answer them before they’re asked. Why not choose a skill of yours and create an online course from it?

Take inspiration from: McCoy Buck

Type 7, The Enthusiast

Side job #1: Party DJ

Why this could work for you:

You’re friendly, easygoing, and optimistic. You’re always on the lookout for the next experience and enjoy action, crowds, and parties. How about getting paid to come to events, joining the fun, and managing their music?

Take inspiration from: Chris Devoe

Side job #2: Travel Blogger

Why this could work for you:

You’re spontaneous. You enjoy freedom. You thrive off new experiences, meeting people and exploring unfamiliar places. Start a travel blog and travel wherever you choose, try out new opportunities, and go on thrilling adventures!

Take inspiration from: Kate McCulley

Side job #3: Magician

Why this could work for you:

You’re energetic. You love being the center of attention. You’re a quick thinker. You are imaginative and extroverted and enjoy creating excitement for the people around you. Why not learn magic tricks and perform them for others?

Take inspiration from: Ran’D Shine

Type 8, The Challenger

Side job #1: Event Planner

Why this could work for you:

You’re decisive, confident, and resourceful. You enjoy overcoming hardships, managing people or plans and taking initiative. Dare yourself to plan perfect events, no matter the circumstances, and become an event planner!

Take inspiration from: Linda Alpert

Side job #2: Startup Consultant

Why this could work for you:

You’re hardworking, self-confident and devoted. You revel in giving advice, making decisions, and empowering others. You’re energetic, take action, and enjoy challenges. Why not use your skills to help people succeed in entrepreneurship?

Take inspiration from:  Jose A. Somalo

Side job #3: Motivational Public Speaker

Why this could work for you:

You’re enthusiastic, confident, and great at performing for audiences. You’re a natural leader. You have strong convictions, stand up for what you believe in and take pleasure in challenging others. How about becoming a motivational speaker?

Take inspiration from:  Eric Thomas

Type 9, The Peacemaker

Side job #1: Guitar Teacher

Why this could work for you:

You’re friendly, easygoing, and encouraging. You focus on the positive and are aware of what people around you are feeling. You appreciate calm, harmony, and music. You’re easy to be around and patient when teaching material, willing to give it over at the other person’s pace. Try teaching guitar!

Take inspiration from: Neli Harper

Side job #2: Relationship Coach

Why this could work for you:

You’re empathetic, accepting, and supportive. You want to build relationships, listen to those around you and give them your full attention. You make a good mediator, striving to peacefully work out disagreements, and you’re able to see multiple perspectives. How about helping others as a relationship coach?

Take inspiration from: Bryan Reeves

Side job #3: Nature Photographer

Why this could work for you:

You’re balanced, adaptable, and creative. You love being in nature and surrounding yourself with its serenity. You enjoy time spending time with yourself. You have the patience to wait for the perfect shot. Make an income selling nature photos!

Take inspiration from: Perri Schelat


Your ideal side hustle depends on you.

Above are a variety of options that keep in mind your personality, interests, and strengths. Try out the idea that most speaks to you or use the suggestions as inspiration to brainstorm your perfect side hustle.

No matter which job you choose, you’ll learn more about yourself, your preferences, and abilities. There are no right or wrong decisions in this.

Tamari Lewin is studying for her bachelor’s in computer science. In her spare time (though she doesn’t have much, between getting to classes and finishing her assignments), she enjoys writing. She has published several articles in magazines and online.

Photo by Braydon Anderson on Unsplash